Randy Jackson’s Protégé Breaks Out


singing sensation Wil is best known for his WTF album, named Best Pop Album Of The Year at last year’s Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards. It also received noms at the Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Album and Pop Artist of the Year.

This month, Wil makes his move to the dancefloor with “What Are We Waiting For”, an EDM track produced by American Idol’s Randy Jackson. Written by Wil and Steve Dresser and Jeff Blue, the empowering track is being called Sia meets Enrique Iglesias meets Adele, set against a kinetic David Guetta beat. Wil describes it as a passionate track that attacks love from a male perspective. He’s currently touring gay clubs across the country.

How did you meet Randy Jackson?

I was filming a music video at a downtown Los Angeles studio, and Randy happened to be there with another band he manages. He came to my set and was like, “Yo, what’s up”.

Coming from Europe, were you familiar with Randy Jackson and what he means to American pop music?

Absolutely! I was thinking “wait, is that really Randy Jackson?” He had me send some songs to him. Two weeks later, I was hiking and my phone rang. I picked up and heard, “Yo Wil, this is Randy Jackson. What do you think about having a coffee?” I freaked out.

What was that first meeting like?

I was hungry for knowledge. I wanted his guidance. Randy is very genuine and authentic. The perfect mentor. He has an incredible foresight and intuition with music. It’s like getting wisdom from a Buddha.

How did he contribute to the record?

Randy made ”What Are We Waiting For” a whole lot sexier. He knows what he wants as a producer. He knows what connects with people, musically. What is really cool about Randy is he never says no. He’ll laugh and say, “That’s great, but if you tried this, it might be cool”. So, really, he allows an artist to have the room to grow based on my instincts yet builds and guides. He leads without resistance.

How does What Are We Waiting For compare with your previous songs?

My past songs were written with European and Asian influences. “What Are We Waiting For” has a very strong American influence.

Whose idea was is it to take you into EDM?


Do you love to lose yourself on the dance floor?

Nothing is better. My first time at a club, I lost my shoes! Now that’s the way to end a night!

Have you experienced the demise of a relationship like the one you describe in the song?

I have. What I’ve learned is communication is key in all relationships. You gotta share how you feel. That’s the only way a relationship grows.

What’s next for you?

I have a bunch of new singles coming up and I’m hitting the road with “What Are We Waiting For.” It’s going to be a fun 2016.

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