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I had lunch with Jeff Blue a few weeks ago and we talked about how he helps independent artists launch their careers. He doesn’t do it for free. But it’s affordable and he delivers. His client roster were no-namers pre-Jeff and are household names today.

Blue has launched the careers of artists from Linkin Park to Macy Gray, worked with Limp Bizkit, Korn, Hoobastank, Better Than Ezra, Alliyah (Queen of the Damned ST), Daniel Powter, and The Last Goodnight.

As you can see, his accomplishments speak for themselves and those aren’t even all of them. Jeff Blue is also a hit songwriter. He’s currently signed as a songwriter to Universal Music Publishing where he co-wrote the 2009 hit single “So Close, So Far” for Hoobastank. He additionally co-wrote, produced, and performed on the platinum 2009 BMI pop award winner and 2008 Australian #1 song of the year, “Pictures of You”, and “Stay Beautiful” for The Last Goodnight.

As an A&R man these are the positions he’s held:

Atlantic Records 2009-Present
Senior A&R Consultant

Rock Shop Music Group 2009-Present

Universal Music Publishing 2003-Present
Writer/ Producer
-BMI Songwriter Award Winner 2009
-APRA Songwriter Award Winner 2009

Jive Records/ Sony BMG 2008-2009
Senior A&R Consultant/ Producer

Virgin Records 2006-2008
Senior A&R Consultant/ Producer

J Records/ RCA Records 2004-2006
Senior Vice President, A&R Staff Producer

Interscope Records 2003-2004
Senior Vice President, A&R Staff Producer

Warner Bros. Records 1999-2003
Vice President, A&R

Warner/Chappell Music Publishing 2001-2003
Writing/ Publishing

Zomba Music Publishing/ Jive Records 1995-1999
Vice President, Creative Development/ A&R

Journalist/Editor 1992-1995
Billboard, HITS, Entertainment Weekly, BAM,
& Crossroads

Did I mention he’s also an attorney?

So yeah, I’m sure he has an ego but he comes across as a genuinely nice guy. He also comes across as a guy who doesn’t have time to waste so if you have the raw materials of talent and skill, Jeff can and probably will develop you into a finished product but if you lack the raw materials, Jeff will give it to you straight. Think of him as a Simon Cowell who isn’t in it to make good TV, rather he’s still in it to make good music.

He’s a catalyst in that he can make things happen a lot more quickly than you can make them happen on your own. He can also make things happen that weren’t necessarily going to happen without him.

I’ve met a lot of coaches who will prepare you for the moment you get a deal – but getting a deal is still on you. Jeff, on the other hand, has the ability to walk you right into an A&R’s or label president’s office, cut a deal, negotiate it, and execute it. His track record is phenomenal. The list of clients who have not gotten deals is far, far shorter than the list of those who have.

If he believes in you and if you pay him his fees (which are very reasonable for what he can deliver) he will have you and your bandmates out to LA. You’ll hang out at his house and write and play and really take giant leaps forward. He’ll even go into the studio with you and record what you’ve done together and you can end up with radio ready tracks – with a good chance of them being hits.

As an inside track for Music Xray musicians, Jeff agreed to offer a couple deals. They aren’t the least expensive submission opportunities on the site but they are ones I think will deliver real value. If you think his services are what your band needs, I can’t guarantee you success but I can tell you that Jeff is the real deal.

Visit JeffBlue’s Wikipedia Page for more info

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